Jumpin' Jupiter Inflatables & Tent Rentals also specializes in frozen drink machine rentals. We provide top quality mixes and the best frozen drink machines in the industry! All of our frozen drink machines are stainless steel insulated models that work outdoors with a remarkable freeze time of 30 minutes even on the hottest of days. Our frozen drink machines offer a continuous flow design; there is no refreeze time between batches.

With the rental of our drink machines, you can choose to have a frozen Margarita party, Rum runners, Hurricanes, Pina Coladas and kid's flavors too. You will be able to enjoy both alcoholic & non-alcoholic frozen beverages (Blue Raspberry Twist is always a big hit at kids' parties).

If you are still wondering what a frozen drink machine's sometimes referred to as a margarita machine or a frozen beverage machine. Our frozen drink machines are the same ones used in your favorite restaurants. If you're still unclear, think of a "magic box" where you put in your choice of Jumpin' Jupiter's frozen drink mix and out comes your favorite frozen concoction.

Not only will your guests be impressed, but you'll be mingling instead of mixing. NO BLENDERS, NO ICE, NO MESS and most of all, NO HEADACHES! Let the machine do the work while you enjoy the party.

Not just for adults...we carry kids flavors too! CALL 401-954-9510.

Jumpin' Jupiter has done extensive research and has decided to only buy insulated and stainless steel models. We do not use any machines with clear mixing bowls due to the fact that they don't freeze to the correct consistency while outdoors. Even if you do not rent from us, make sure that you know the style of the machine that you are renting. Knowing this information will help you have a more successful and relaxing party. All of our machines have a continuous flow design; to you this means there is no refreeze time between batches. Once the first batch is frozen, you are all set for the duration of the party.

We can help you fix out how many mixes you may need. All mixes can be enjoyed with or without alcohol for:

Birthdays - Weddings - Anniversaries - Office Parties - Graduations - Poker Night - New Year's - Christmas Parties - 4th of July - Super Bowl - Family Reunions - Days ending in "Y" - or just because!

Guests Machines Mixes
1 - 50 1 1 - 3
51 - 80 1 3 - 5
81 - 150 2 5 - 8
151 - 200 2-3 8 - 12
200 + please call us